Samuel in the Revolutionary War

Samuel Meredith fought in the Revolutionary War from 1775-78.  He was part of the Third Pennsylvania Battalion,  known as the “Silk Stocking Company” because of the high social class of its members. 

He served under John Cadwalader, his wife’s brother, and attained the rank of General (or Brigadier-General) as of April 5, 1777, as evidenced by memorial in the village of Pleasant Mount, “for gallant services in the Battles of Brandywine and Germantown.”

He was stationed near the Battle of Trenton (although not actually in the battle) and participated in the Battles of Princeton, where he served “with distinction”, Brandywine, Germantown and some say he was at Valley Forge.  Although he was not part of the actual assault on Trenton, he was involved in the subsequent pursuit as the enemy was forced to retreat to Burlington. 

There are letters which indicate that Meredith and one Thomas Barclay were involved at some points in the war in getting flour to the troops so that they could be well fed.

Rick Reynolds

Rick Reynolds portrays Samuel Meredith

A retired teacher, Rick Reynolds makes history come alive at our annual 4th of July celebrations. He portrays a relative of his, Samuel Meredith, who was U.S. Treasurer from 1789-1801 and spent the last years of his life at his estate

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