Seeking Qualified Applicant

Do you know how Samuel Meredith got his job as Treasurer of the United States in 1789? 

It so happened that his father, Reese Meredith, was in the City Tavern in Philadelphia one day and in walked a stranger. Reese was a very influential man in town and would know all people of “substance” in the city so he was amazed that he did not know this man.  He inquired as to who the gentleman could be and was told it was General Washington of the Continental Army.  Reese introduced himself and he and Washington became lasting friends. 

When it came time for the new President Washington to form his government, Samuel Meredith posted a letter asking to be considered for the position of Treasurer.  Soon thereafter, Washington appointed him to the job.  But, even though Meredith got this job by who he knew, it was clear that he was well qualified for it.  The September, 1879 Magazine of American History states that “General Meredith entered upon the duties of his office when the Treasury of the country was in a most distressing condition. It required financial ability of the highest order; but Washington well knew the character of the man whom he had selected to fill this most responsible position.”

Thus did Pleasant Mount’s most famous citizen start off his political career. 

Rick ReynoldsRick Reynolds portrays Samuel Meredith

A retired teacher, Rick Reynolds makes history come alive at our annual 4th of July celebrations. He portrays a relative of his, Samuel Meredith, who was U.S. Treasurer from 1789-1801 and spent the last years of his life at his estate, Belmont Manor, in Pleasant Mount.

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